TeachMeToFish Founder, board members, trustees and supporters strive for a Cameroon where education is available to as many children as possible. 


  • We aim to overcome barriers between children and education, regardless of the area and type of barrier. 


  • We aim to create a new era where the communities and schools we work with know where to turn to for financial educational support


  • TMTF's supporters and board members envisage a society where every child has the basic primary education and can read and write.


  • A vision of literacy, social and economic growth leading to a reduction of dependency on foreign debt and high unemployment which has been the 'status quo' from the back-drop of decades of economic crises. 





Our focus is educational sponsorship, but we hope to get to a point where we can place children in better living conditions in the future and contribute to safe environment at school and at home, good state of mind and health and feeding by 2020.


Our supporters have the choice to meet these children on a one to one basis in the future

but can see more about them and their progress Here