"Every child has the right to the best possible start in life"


  • TMTF's  purpose emanated from firsthand experience of how poverty can greatly affect the education and future of a poor child in Cameroon. 

  • TMTF was founded on a success story - the same drive that fuels the work of TMTF to reach higher heights.

  • Children who have had the worst start in life can hope for a better future for themselves and their families through Education

  • Our work is underpinned by commitment to TMTF's vision and beliefs 


An obligation of moral rectitude to all our supporters, donors and the communities we serve
Challenging children's eductational right, a very basic fundamental human right
Transparent and open
Educational focused

TMTF key principles binding their work :


  • Sponsor educational opportunities for underprivileged children

  • Cater for the educational  needs of these children equipping them for school with textbooks and uniforms

  • Provide a healthy and safe environment for education to be encouraged 

  • Continuously update and inform our supporters about our work and the beneficiaries

  • Encourage transparency and accountability in all our undertakings so our supporters are in touch with every step TMTF takes here in the UK and in Cameroon

  • We protect the rights of the Cameroonian child, and invest in their well-being because it is the surest way to help end poverty and to build peace and security, social and economic advancement in a society.