An organisation like TeachMeToFish is made for IMPACT- the difference it creates for it's beneficiaries and community as a whole is unmeasurable but evident regardless of time.


I am here to make sure that impact does not go unnoticed. I am here to bring change to a group of people who never saw it coming.


 In 2006 I had my first fundraising position with a well known human rights charity in the UK after working as a student temporarily with a host of other charities. I gathered good experience which boosted my drive and passion for a long awaited dream of giving back and reaching out to a country , a community and people who made me who i am today.  


Though I found a particular interest in fundraising , my career within the third sector also helped me to understand a lot more than  fundraising and cause-related campaigning going on all around the world. The opportunities became endless, and the challenges grew with the different positions I held in all top 5 UK charities. One goal remained untainted, the dream of starting something for children back in Cameroon. My aim was to  achieve this through education and the Christian faith and believe that God has a calling for me to help children especially, hence the creation of Teach Me To Fish in 2010.


I am living proof of how a bitter divorce left my mum penniless to educate her children. As a nurse, she could barely make ends meet . Making sure we were housed and clothed at the same time was a major challenge. We came out of the situation unscathed because of her determination, but I know a lot of my peers who never got out of similar situations in one piece. Me, and my siblings made education a priority because our mother never stopped drilling it into us that the only way out was to go to school, be educated and become better people in the future- and yes she was right.I wanted a way to get children out of poverty and into better and brighter futures. I am firsthand experience


It took so long for my dream of launching TeachMeToFish to attain fruition, but the time gave me  perfect grounding and background for the challenges involved in running a non-profit organisation with beneficiaries thousands of kilometers away in Cameroon. I had to understand the law, the legal implications of fundraising within these lines, my limits and requirements and also specific sectorial knowledge on how to run and manage NGO's, so enrolling on a specialist course with City University, CASS Business school is the backbone on which the success to launch TMTF anchors.


war-torn and disaster-stricken countries. I am influenced by organizations like the UN, Grassroots Trust, Room to Read, Cardinal Hume, Asante Africa, Educational Trust and a host of charities advocating for children's right to be educated.I am very passionate about education, not only for Children in Cameroon but around the world, especially in third-world,


My dream is to create a country where at least 50% of underprivileged children, boys and girls have access to education and consequently become educated. 



Dorothy Akoh-Arrey- Founder/CEO

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Cynthia Tabe

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Denis Ewang 

Andre Ewon

Dopgima Stella 


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