A chance for a brighter future..

It is that time of the year "Rentree Scolaire 2014/2015" when we look forward to a new wave of children returning to school. Cameroon is full of dynamic, enthusiastic and intelligent young people who need our support. By funding a means for them to be educated, we are guarantying a future of literacy, economic and social advancement, and instilling hope in the economic future of a society riddled by decades of economic crises and foreign debt.

We have identified these children in our communities, in our orphanages, on the streets and even in schools as drop-outs, yet we turn a blind eye- not wanting to acknowledge the emotional and psychological torture these children face on a daily basis being unable to go to school.

Education is a basic human right and every child regardless of their race, color and background is entitled to be educated.

As the founder of Teach Me to Fish, my experience is first hand, the sole reason why this cause remains my priority. I stand for education; I fight for education and believe in the light education brings into a child and family's life in the long run.

In December 2012 I visited Cameroon and had the opportunity to meet little Martha who is one of the first wave of 22 children we took under our tutelage in 2010. In all the three years since we took Martha under our wings, she has been first in her class every single term. She and her aunt were very happy to see me and cooked something with the little they had, just to show their appreciation. We said our goodbyes and a few words of encouragement about her studies. As i stood by the road and watched her tall lean figure disappear in the distance, I had tears in my eyes. Tears of joy that I, through Teach Me To Fish and the support we get from you could make such an impact in her life.

I don't want to end here with Martha and a handful of children. Many more children need our help; many children need education this September 2014/2015 school year. Many children need to be won of the streets in a better education inspired future. Please visit our website www.teachmetofish.org.uk/supportus to show your support. We urgently need your support by donating, sharing the message to as many friends as possible and telling people about the TeachMetoFish endeavor in Cameroon.

Help us make this year a more fruitful year when educational dreams 'actually come true'

Dorothy Akoh-Arrey

CEO/Founder TeachMeToFish

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