Question of Money or conscience ?

In developed countries, poverty is a concept some people struggle to understand. One in three people have been faced with that awkward moment when their bank card has been declined for lack of funds or a point where you depend entirely on your next temporary hourly pay to survive the weeks ahead with the future so bleak – as though your life was hanging in a balance

Yes, that is a state of lack but not poverty some may argue and I succumb to that argument. We all abhor the reality of ‘have not’ in full operational meaning of the words. We have prospects of where to go and what to do next to survive, we have an idea, a glimmer of hope or a plan of some sort on how to get our next meal. The question is do some people have such options or hopes for the future ? These are the questions I run through in my intangible list of “to do’s” on a nightly basis, which leaves me feeling much anxiety rather than excitement, that Teach Me To Fish has managed to sponsor a handful of children this academic year. I worry along the lines of what will happen when these children

  • return home after school to no food

  • When they run out of books and basic necessities

  • When they fall ill, who is there for them mentally and financially

These are the aches of a heart of someone not born with a golden spoon in their mouth but an ordained scion of goodwill lineage. I know a lot of people will relate to my anxiety and worry. It’s all part of the challenges of working on such projects on a smaller scale and yet sticking to the mission of what we set out to do ‘ basic education and sponsorship’. As a charitable organisation set up to FOSTER EDUCATION, we struggle to stick to our MISSION yet cases like these make digression inevitable and mostly at a major emotionally and financially cost.

Speaking with the director of The Grassroots Trust Hugo Aines who has projects spread all over the world sheltering, educating and helping children, literally opened my eyes to how entwined theses needs are. How can you educate without shelter and feeding? Talk less the love of a family…

Do we need to worry about “mission drifting” then? The answer is Yes, but maybe in the future somewhere down the line when we will have the capacity to shelter and provide for the children we sponsor with such needs. In the meantime we acknowledge and appreciate all those who helped us get the project off the ground and running.

At TMTF we only deal with sponsorship, but let’s not forget it’s ongoing, as the needs of the children are ongoing till they complete their primary and secondary education, so we encourage supporters to donate any amount to financially to support our project via Be part of the change we aim to bring, support our work and see lives changed forever.


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