Teach Me To Fish works to champion children’s right to be educated in Cameroon, create awareness about the existence of these children, appeal to the general public and other corporate bodies for support on raising money to educate these children.


TMTF emphasizes on the right for every child to be free from exploitation, violence and abuse. Set up as a forward thinking goal driven educational charity with a focus to keep children in school for as long as possible. Provided they show they are enthusiastic, we are here to help them achieve their educational milestone.


Every child we support has an educational progress report developed for them. TMTF works with each school to ensure the child receives the best possible programme for their abilities and needs, in and out of school.  Some children are orphans, other children live in dire circumstances where their families cannot afford to educate them. TMTF is working with schools and colleges to identify underprivileged children who show promise in their studies and would benefit from long-term support.


Being a small foundation, TMTF relies on schools/colleges, the delegation of education and the Rural Council sponsorship programme - for background information of children who fit the criteria for our sponsorship. We take them under our wing to make sure that their intelligence and enthusiasm is not wasted and through TMTF they can continue in school.


We do not have a panacea for every poor child who cannot be educated in Cameroon, but we do have the capacity to start with a few and help as many as we go along.