Our Immediate goal is to raise funds to sponsor children in school from nursery/primary to secondary education.

We provide them with the very basic school needs like textbooks, Uniforms and exercise books in collaboration with the Pressbook Shop. 


Our resources are mainly to cater for educational needs and make sure that the children under Teach Me To Fish attend classes and get the very basic education. Our goal is to see the children under our tutelage attain A/Levels and have the opportunity to get into University and further their education. Equipping them to GCSE's A/levels is good enough, but we can go further with your help. It will be very disappointing to let them drop out half way through the program because of lack of funding so we ask for your support to keep them in school for as long as possible. You can support the work we do by clicking on the link below 


In the meantime our focus is to make education available to them regardless of their circumstances. We aim to raise enough funds to go into the rural and urban areas and get more kids out of sickness and poverty and into education. We focus on registration and PTA payments and also look at the learning environment where it's suitable to place the children we support. 


In the long-term we hope to raise enough funds to fulfill the Charity Commission's requirement in the UK to register TeachMeToFish as a UK charity with its base in the UK and its beneficiaries in Cameroon. Presently we still have the right to do fundraising, campiagns and advocate for our cause until we are comfortable to show enough income for this transition. So we use our website and social media and crowdsourcing tools to fundraise for our cause here in the UK and internationally.


TMTF can achieve this plan with your long term support of donating yearly, monthly or quarterly to keep our work going and to raise £5000 income to be able to legally qualify as a UK base charity.Your support will help us obtain funding and grants which can change the lives of children all over Cameroon and have a much greater impact on the country. 


Help keep TMTF's goals alive and the dream of children staying in School for longer- A REALITY